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Ketapang Everywhere ! ! !


The ketapang tree is very common in Singapore. It can be found almost anywhere; along road sides, on wastelands and near the coastal areas. This tree is one of my favourite especially during the time when they are about to shed their leaves.

It is a well-known fact that dry ketapang leaves made excellent water conditioner for tropical fish.

In tropical countries like Singapore, we can just go outside and pick a few leaves from the ground and put it in our aquariums. But if you are not on this side of the world, then maybe I can help you. In order to promote my site, please email me and I will send you one ketapang leaf free of charge via regular air post. More info.

Pan Island Expressway

At the bend, near Bedok Reservoir Park; a sight to behold during the `autumn' months.

Botanic Gardens

Some impressive stands near the entrance.


Turn into Andrew Road and then into Jalan Mempurong and you can see some impressive trees near the coastal areas.

Jurong Park

The casuarinas along Yuan Ching Road steal the show, but the ketapangs are there to steal it back.

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